Explore some of New Orleans' fascinating history, including its dark side, with this 2-hour French Quarter'history and ghost buster walking tour. Step back in time, admiring wrought-iron balconies,'magnificent mansions, vibrant pastel-colored homes, and pure Cajun and Creole sounds and aromas. Learn how this beauty hides a slightly scandalous world full of'historically significant events as well as macabre secrets that make the French Quarter of New Orleans one of the most haunted places in the world.

Meet your guide in the French Quarter to explore this famous area's unique and complex history.

Go beyond'simply gazing at the exteriors of magnificent and mysterious mansions with this tour. Go'inside the slightly haunted Soule Mansion, built in 1830, and learn about its often bawdy past. Step out onto the balcony and enjoy a breathtaking view of the magical place at night, and remember the secrets that lie hidden in the shadows.

Hear entertaining true tales of'the Vieux Carr' will cause gasps of both horror and delight, amazement and appreciation. Learn about suicides and murders, buildings and sites fraught with historical importance, and events that are the subjects of countless movies. Keep your cameras ready to capture an elusive orb. Listen to the tales of saints and scoundrels come alive. There's no need for theatrics when history is this fascinating.

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