Explore one of the world's most dazzling residential neighborhoods with knowledgeable and entertaining guides.

Experience the architectural splendor of the live oak-tree lined "American" sector of town and examine the antebellum era "Creole vs. American" conflict. Witness how history and culture are reflected in the use of architectural styles including Greek Revival, Italianate, Gothic, Georgian, Swiss Chalet, Queen Anne, and more.

Explore the famed aboveground tombs of Lafayette Cemetery #1, including the Interview with the Vampire, Double Jeopardy, and Deja Vu film sites. Learn about New Orleans' peculiar burial practices and funerary customs.

Jefferson Fire Company No. 22 society tomb, situated across from the fictitious Mayfair family tomb featured in Anne Rice's The Witching Hour.The Garden District/Cemetery tour emphasizes history, architectural style, personal anecdotes, and tropical plant life.

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