Take the best historic ghost tour in New Orleans. This tour takes you to many historic sites that were featured on paranormal and supernatural shows such as Syfy Ghost Hunters, A&E Channel, History Channel, and more.

After your tour departs from Jackson Square, you will begin to learn why this area is one of the most haunted places in New Orleans. You will head down to the Ursuline Convent and learn why it's known as ground zero for the vampires of New Orleans. From there, you'll head to one of the haunted buildings investigated by the Syfy channel show, Ghost Hunters. Next, travel to the Lalaurie Mansion, the most haunted house in the city. Not only has its been featured on many paranormal TV shows, one of its owners was featured on FX's infamous show, American Horror Story ' Coven.

Once you leave the LaLaurie Mansion, you will see a house featured in Anne Rice's novels and used in the FX TV show, American Horror Story ' Coven. Move down the street to one of the houses where they filmed the movie, Interview With the Vampire. From there, you will visit a haunted hotel and restaurant that was featured on several TV shows.

Finally, visit the site of a post-hurricane Katrina residual haunting. A young man jumped to his death after a brutal murder. You will get the full story on the tour.

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