Peek into New Orleans' mysterious past with this 2-hour walking tour of the haunted French Quarter. Visit a haunted property that's more than 200 years old.

Meet your guide in the heart of the French Quarter and begin delving into its haunted past.

Visit a real haunted building and hear stories of mysterious happenings reported inside it.'Stories you may hear on this tour include'Madame LaLaurie, the Pharmacy Museum, Sbisa Cafe, Ursuline Convent, and Pere Antoine.

New Orleans has long been called America's most haunted city.'Accounts of paranormal activity date back to the city's inception in the early 1700s. Colonial governors wrote letters to the French Crown voicing concerns of civil unrest over vampires and ghosts harassing the city's inhabitants. The French Quarter has seen more than 300 years of war, death, disease, great fires, and natural disasters. Stand in the shadows of this brutal history and experience the chills for yourself. This tour tells'of this beautiful city's disturbing story.

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