Irish Channel Neighborhood Walking Food Tour In New Orleans

This 3-hour, small-group, walking food tour will introduce you to the intoxicating joie de vivre that it is to experience New Orleans, like a local, in the the Irish Channel. Join the local guide for an afternoon of seafood, culture, and history. New Orleanians are deeply in love with the quirky and historical neighborhoods lived in, and the interesting and delicious foods that have come to call the city home. New Orleans has always been kind to foreigners and immigrants, and, as a result, has benefited from all the wonderful things that they've brought here over the centuries.

When you come and take the Irish Channel food tour in New Orleans, you'll eat as if you lived here. To start off, at 11am with your guide, you'll be taken to a classically-hidden, neighborhood po' boy shop. Next, you check out the shop of a local artist whose work you'll see throughout the city. Then, oysters & crawfish, traditional New Orleans ingredients in modern presentations. With a full belly, you'll walk merrily down Magazine Street taking in all the fun shops along the festive sidewalks.


  • A "fully dressed" po' boy
  • Not-so-classic broiled oysters
  • Unique crawfish dish
  • Alligator sausage
  • New Orleans ice cream with locally grown pecans
  • Our secret dish, wouldn't you like to know?

    *Please notify us when booking if you have a shellfish allergy


  • New Orlean's own Barq's root beer
  • Local brewery sample
  • Locally distilled and Cajun spiced rum
  • Water
  • Non-alcoholic options
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