Jfk And Oswald Conspiracy Theory Tour In Downtown New Orleans

This small-group tour is perfect for those who love mystery! Your expert guide will lead you through the movements of Lee Harvey Oswald in the summer of 1963, meet the odd cast of characters with whom he was associating, and learn about the strange, thought-provoking circumstances that were excluded from the 'official' reports! In 2.5 hours, you will see all the downtown New Orleans sites relevant to the conspiracy theories of the JFK assassination. At the end of the tour, you will have some questions answered and new ones raised. This is the most well-researched tour in town!

Your expert guide is dedicated to uncovering the truth in all his New Orleans tours, and the JFK tour is his specialty. The groups for this tour are kept small so your experience will be more like walking with a well-informed friend than being herded around in a crowd.

The tour begins in the center of New Orleans' legal district in Lafayette Square at 10am. You will appreciate the opportunity to explore a safe, interesting, historical neighborhood most visitors don't see.

Your guide will give you the background of the area and set the scene for you to imagine what it was like in the legal and government district of New Orleans in the summer of 1963. Then, will lead you through the locations where Lee Harvey Oswald worked, socialized, and was arrested during his time in New Orleans. You will recognize several of the locations from the 1991 Oliver Stone film "JFK."

Entering the French Quarter, you will hear about Oswald's youth in New Orleans and Jack Ruby's associations with this city.

Your guide will amaze you with the incredible amount of information he has collected and connections he has uncovered. But this is not a tour of scattered bits of half-truths; your guide ties it all together for you in the end and makes you seriously question what you have learned about this pivotal time in American history.

When you end the tour around 12:30pm near Antoine's Restaurant, you can sit in the Hermes Bar sipping a Sazerac and watching the French Quarter bustle by, and you will feel like a bit of an expert on New Orleans crime history yourself. This is an experience that will stay with you long after the tour is over.

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