From William Faulkner to Tennessee Williams, author of A Streetcar Named Desire, famous authors loved to frequent the French Quarter and many lived here as well! See their homes and hangouts while your guide tells you eccentric stories of their lives! The tour will take you on a literary adventure through the French Quarter with stops along the way for samplings of aphrodisiacs.

Visit the hotel where several literary greats once stayed and one, whose parents lived here when he was born. Walk down Bourbon Street to a local bar where you will stop for the first sampling of an aphrodisiac, loved by many of our literary greats. Outside of varying well-known restaurants, your guide will discuss dishes created by previous chefs, that are considered aphrodisiacs as well.

The group will then move on to sample an edible aphrodisiac in a beautiful courtyard, and discuss the sultry side of the city of New Orleans from days gone by to the present. Afterwards, take a brief stroll by the homes of two writers and hear even more stories of their inspirations & hilarious natures.

All books in the next location are signed by various authors and are for sale. Head over to one of the oldest bars in the country to learn of another fabulous writer, who was a forerunner in a movement without ever having actually participated! The last stop is the voodoo shop where you will learn of the love goddesses and how to use a special oil to keep your loved one near!

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