Take an in depth look at how the traditions and contributions of Afro Creoles has shaped the history and culture of New Orleans during this 2-hour walking tour. With your guide, visit the historic Congo Square, meet a Voodoo priest, and see the cities two oldest above ground cemeteries. Hear about the lives of'civil rights leaders, musicians, Voodoo priestess, and other Afro Creole citizens. With this tour you will discover New Orleans' deep cultural roots and gain a better understanding of how special this city really is.

Meet your 6th generation New Orleanian Creole guide at 9am in Congo Square, which is known as a historic gathering place for the native Indians of this area and later the slaves during the colonial times.

Meet a Voodoo priest and gain insight about this ancient tribal religion that is still practiced in New Orleans today. Enter the oldest above ground cemetery, St. Louis Cemetery #1 and visit the tombs of Marie Laveau, Homer Plessy, and many more. Afterwards, walk to St. Louis Cemetery #2 to see the tombs of musicians Ernie K-Doe and the Barbarin family.

'With the help of your guide, learn how to properly dance at a second line parade, explore the history of the Creole ancestors, and gain a new appreciation for this special city. You will conclude your tour at approximately 11am on Basin Street. '

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