Ride a bicycle around New Orleans creating your own itinerary with this 4-hour bike rental. The sites in New Orleans that most visitors want to see are within a few short miles of the central shop where you'll pick up your bike. A network of bicycle lanes and paths make it possible to reach most of these sites on fun routes with minimal to no vehicular traffic.

Pick up your'single-speed'bike at a shop in the French Quarter to begin your self-guided tour of New Orleans.

Renting a bicycle is a wonderful way to see New Orleans. With a huge variety of attractions (including fun bike paths and trails) within a half mile of the bike shop, you can rent a bike solely for the joy of cycling or for transportation. You'll often find that a bicycle is faster for getting around the touristy areas of New Orleans than taking a car.

New Orleans has over 100 miles of dedicated bike lanes, paths and off-road trails. The city is compact, completely flat and at (or below) sea level so riding is easy. The weather is mild to tropical almost the entire year, too.

Ride at your own pace where and when you want. Ask for'recommendations on great places to ride, though of course you're free to go where you please. You're'responsible for the bike so treat it as you would your own.

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