FX television show American Horror Story filmed its third and fourth seasons in New Orleans, LA. This walking tour features locations filmed in the French Quarter area. Walk in the footsteps of Fiona and Madame LaLaurie, among others.

Visitors and residents of New Orleans who love the popular television series American Horror Story now have access to an exciting walking tour based around one of their favorite shows.

There are few dark television shows that have reached the level of popularity of this FX TV show. Recently, in homage to the show, this American Horror Story Unauthorized Walking tour of the French Quarter was created. Your tour guide'will be happy to guide fans of the show to see firsthand the locations featured in the third and fourth seasons, which were filmed in the French Quarter. This one-of-a-kind tour is incredibly fun, educational and not something any fan of the series will want to miss.

The tour meets in Jackson Square daily.''The walking tour is roughly 1.8 miles and takes approximately 2+ hours. The American Horror Story'walking tour is led by a licensed tour guide who will take you to many of the places featured or mentioned in the cult series. See for yourself several thrilling and fascinating sites that you will recognize from watching one of your favorite shows.

A few of the locations you will visit are:

  • Jackson Square, where you will learn about the history of New Orleans
  • The Lalaurie's Mansion from a central storyline in the show; here you will learn fact from fiction about Madam Lalaurie
  • The location where Marie Laveau once lived
  • One of the most famous jazz venues in New Orleans
  • The location where Fiona and the four witches stop on their way to Pop's Fountain

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