Take part in the annual Drunken Turkey Hunt 2017 during a tour of the world famous French Quarter. Guests will follow a licensed tour guide through the beautiful streets of the world famous French Quarter and hear stories about multiple locations including National Historic Landmarks, The LaLaurie Mansion which is the most Haunted House in the city of New Orleans, The Sultans Palace, a home owned by Marie Laveau given as payment for her voodoo services, and much more. Guests will hear stories of New Orleans history including 'dark' history, voodoo, paranormal and real New Orleans vampires. During the tour, the tour guide will stop at bars and allow guests to refill their to go cups along the way. During the course of the tour, the first guest to find the Turkey that has been hidden on the tour route will win a prize.

Can you find the hidden turkey in the world famous French Quarter? There is only one way to find out - join this scavenger hunt and tour combination through the gorgeous streets of the French Quarter. Whoever finds the hidden turkey on this tour route will win a prize. During the tour, guests will learn about the history of New Orleans, hear stories about the founders of New Orleans; of course that is pirates, prostitutes, and murders, visit homes where real New Orleans vampires held their victims and fed off of them, and learn about traditional Louisiana burial practices. While guests are searching to find the hidden turkey, the tour guide will stop along the way and tell stories of New Orleans past. Some of these stories are nothing less than scandalous.

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