One of the best things to do in New Orleans! This tour is a unique journey through the streets of the French Quarter to the oldest cemetery in operation in New Orleans, the Saint Louis #1 Cemetery. Starting in the French Quarter, experience this delightful neighborhood full of eccentric, fun-loving people, that spans three centuries in history. Journey with your local operator through the heart of the city and learn why this section is so unique. Arriving at the cemetery you will learn of our burial customs and why it seems there is always enough room for another person in the family tomb. See the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, the Society Tombs, the Musician's Tomb, Bernard Marigny and even the Protestant section. There is so much history on this tour.

The tours are as unique as the local operators, who are licensed by the city of New Orleans. While they are well versed in the history of the city and the cemetery, they continue their education through much research. You will experience a different adventure with each guide, as they provide the information listed here as well as lagniappe (a little something extra).

After meeting with your local operator you will be led toward the cemetery. There will be stops along the way to discuss different buildings such as the Hermann Grima House and its the history. It is the set location for some of your favorite movies and TV shows. You will also learn of our wonderful architecture types, including the beautiful ironwork.

Once you reach the cemetery, you will enter into what is seemingly another world of burial customs and architecture. You will see the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen. The wall vaults, the family tombs, step tombs and society tombs are unbelievably capable of holding many burials. Through the maze of tombs, your guide will lead you to the tomb of Bernard Marigny, for whom the Marigny sector was named. In the rear of the cemetery is the Protestant section, where architect Benjamin Latrobe and one of Governor Claiborne's wives is buried. This is an unusual addition to a Catholic cemetery. The Musician's tomb is a special gift and the oldest society tomb will shock you, as to which society it belongs.

The history becomes deeper and deeper as you continue on this amazing journey through this city of the dead. Upon exiting the cemetery you will have a ten minute break at the Basin St. Station. You may check out the gift shop before continuing your tour, time permitting. Once outside the Basin St. Station, your guide will escort you to Armstrong Park. Which is formerly named Congo Square. Here you will learn how this area was used by voodoo practioners of past and present, as well as events happening in the park weekly which you may enjoy during your stay.

Your guide will then lead you back into the French Quarter for more stories including history, museums, restaurant recommendations and architecture. Your tour will end at the rear of Jackson Square, in front of St. Louis Cathedral after the history of the buildings surrounding this beautiful park and the statue at the center of the Square have been discussed.

Please do not hesitate to ask your guide for recommendations and/or directions to your next destination. They are eager to share information and local insider secrets.

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