Enjoy a shared 1-hour ride in an authentic mule-drawn carriage through the historic French Quarter and learn about the history, culture, and architecture of New Orleans. Each carriage driver is a local, professional, licensed tour guide offering a unique, personal presentation of each historically accurate tour. Your French Quarter carriage tour also includes free admission to and a short walking tour of Saint Louis Cemetery #1.'

Carriages are boarded and return to Jackson Square.All tour participants must arrive 10 minutes early to check in with the supervisor who will place you on the correct carriage for your tour.

Board your mule-drawn carriage at Jackson Square to embark on your shared 1-hour French Quarter tour.

As your carriage departs from Jackson Square, your driver/guide will regale you with stories of the city's founding as the carriage passes through the historic French Quarter streets, past landmarks such as Saint Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, Napoleon House, and more as the carriage heads to Saint Louis Cemetery #1. Expect stories that are both historical, entertaining and appropriate for all visitors.'

After a 1-mile ride to Saint Louis Cemetery #1 your carriage will park. Disembark and follow your driver/guide on a 15 to 20-minute tour of the cemetery where visitors will discover why New Orleans uses above ground burials. Your carriage driver will also teach you the story of Marie Laveau and Voodoo, the most famous burial in all of New Orleans.'

After exploring the tombs of the cemetery, you will hop back on board your carriage to continue to explore the rest of the French Quarter before returning to Jackson Square.'

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