This New Orleans French Quarter Walking Tour is a 3 in 1 multifaceted tour which includes the unique history of our amazing city and culture, Cemetery and information about traditional above ground tombs and burial processes, reported hauntings in the city and local recommendations and secrets! '

From the origins of the floods'of the Mighty Mississippi River, depositing its silt and sediment to create the land we stand on today and to the'depths of the swamps and the various cultural settlements that came in one by one, we take you on a journey through the fascinating stories of the Vieux Carre and the Garden District in the American Sector. We show you the architectural styles of the French, the Spanish and of course, the Americans, all while telling you how these came about as the people of New Orleans suffered though plagues, fires, hurricanes and war.

Walk with a local to see it through our eyes!

We meet at the top of the steps across from Jackson Square where we look can see the Mighty Mississippi River and talk of its origins. Then, we turn to the opposite side and see the incredible center of town, Jackson Square, where it all began with the French founder and the settlers in 1718.

The journey begins when we walk our way into the square and talk about the amazing history, show you the beautiful St Louis Cathedral and the buildings that frame it. We then move through the French Quarter, dazzled by the brilliant colors of the beautiful architectural styles of the various cultures who settled here. 'Walking into the Treme, we visualize the slaves gathering in Congo Square, celebration their one and only day off every week, the Native Americans dancing, the Voodoo rituals and the market and musical exchanges. We view a cemetery and talk about the burial process, the above ground tombs and the mass amounts of people buried there.

From there, we make our way back into the French Quarter to finalize our historic journey and recommend places to eat, drink and have fun as well as local insiders hangouts, celebrity information and other fun tidbits for your magical vacation to continue in the Vieux Carre.

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