This tour is actually an investigation and an in depth look into the paranormal activity that takes place in Americas most haunted city. Visit the top ten haunted locations in New Orleans during this investigation.'A real EMF meter - ghost/paranormal detector will be used during this tour.

Interested in the paranormal? This tour is perfect for paranormal investigators, amateur paranormal detectives, and those just curious to see what we as paranormal investigators do and see! This tour takes you on a paranormal investigation through the world famous French Quarter. This tour wastes no time getting started! The first location (a mass burial ground) is known for its cold spots, apparitions and orbs that are felt and seen on a regular basis.

During this investigation / tour an EMF meter, ghost/paranormal detector will be used.'

During this investigation investigators and guests will be visiting over twelve locations covering the 78 blocks that the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) is made of. The investigation is not to be taken lightly. Guests should keep in mind that the French Quarter is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States. Not to mention New Orleans itself is known as the most Haunted City in the United States.

This investigation goes to places that most people would never think of to look for paranormal activity! The head investigator will lead the way to Haunted Houses, Haunted Apartments, Haunted Morgues, Haunted Bathrooms, Haunted Bars and Pubs, Haunted Cemeteries, Haunted Balconies, Haunted Galleries, Haunted Hotels, Haunted Streets and Sidewalks, and last but not least even Haunted Churches!!

Come join and experience this paranormal adventure that is taking place in America's most haunted city!

No entry will be gained into any locations. Narrations and investigation takes place on the sidewalks outside each location.

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