This haunted history tour explores the grim history of the very old and spooky French Quarter. Escape into the past as the guides provide you with an eerie, yet fun-filled adventure. You'll visit sites of documented hauntings taken from police records, city archives, and other professional paranormal investigations. Ghosts and phantoms still haunt the legendary Vieux Carre. The tour guide will have a real piece of paranormal equipment to use during this tour.

During this tour, guests will learn all about the dark, seedy history that New Orleans is hiding in the beautiful old homes and down the dimly lit streets of the mysterious French Quarter, originally called the Vieux Carre. This tour will keep anyone intrigued and truly is not for the faint of heart.

New Orleans is famous for tales of ghosts, vampires, and voodoo; after all, it was founded by prostitutes, pirates, and felons. If these tales interest you, this tour is a must. Visit the Sultan's Palace, Ursuline Convent, St. Louis Cathedral, and the Madame La Laurie Mansion. Learn all about the founding pirates, the Carter Brothers, the infamous Voodoo queen, and last but not least, the Casket girls. There is much to learn on this spooky, yet exciting tour.

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