This New Orleans Historic Garden District Walking Tour specifically highlights the American settlement and their beautiful homes and gardens, wealth and how life was changed in New Orleans because of their contributions.

This is a 3 in 1 multifaceted tour which includes the unique history of our amazing city and culture, Cemetery and information about traditional above ground tombs and burial processes, reported hauntings in the city and local recommendations and secrets!  From the earliest settlements of the Americans and the building of their immense wealth and lavish lifestyles.  We will show you the architectural styles of the Americans, all while telling you how these came about as the people of New Orleans evolved into a magical culture.
Walk with a local to see it through our eyes, learn some inside secrets about local hangouts, music venues and fun!

We meet at the Lafayette Cemetery at 1416-1498 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, just one block from the Historic St Charles Streetcar line

Walking through the cemetery with narrative is the first part of the tour, then we see architectural styles of the Americans and discuss the previous gardens and landscaping as it was built in the 1830's.  We then discuss the famous architects in the city and their immigration's from other countries and how they contributed to our growth and economy for the Americans and New Orleans in general.  Famous homes and celebrities will be discussed as we show you some homes of these individuals.

Walk with a local and see it through our eyes!

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