This tour lets you exercise your legs while taking in beautiful views of the French Quarter. Experience the sights, sounds, and culture of New Orleans on this wonderful walking tour. You will hear stories about New Orleans ghosts, voodoo, and vampires. Guests will be allowed to stop in any bars along the tour route to purchase drinks.

This walking tour lasts approximately two hours and allows participants to feel what it is like to be a New Orleans local. With lavish stylings of the 19th century architecture, the Vieux Ciarre (the French Quarter) is one of the most iconic places in the United States. Guests will experience the rich vibe of New Orleans' Vieux Carr'.

Guests will be allowed to stop in at any of the bars during the tour to buy a drink in a to go cup to carry along on the tour.'

As your guide leads you through these streets, you will be transported back in time with stories and facts about the area's history. Learn about the past while experiencing modern-day NOLA life. Some of the sights you will be able to see on the tour include over fifteen locations. Feast your eyes on places such as the Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, The LaLaurie Mansion, and more. Before this tour ends, guests will visit no less than fifteen locations.'

This tour explores Louisiana's complex culture, rich history, and allows you to experience the magical mystery that makes New Orleans so irresistible. During this tour, you will notice the beautiful architecture throughout the French Quarter that makes it so unique. You will also be shown where Hollywood stars have decided to call the French Quarter home.

Do you know what pirates, prostitutes, and convicted felons all have in common with with the founding of New Orleans? Or why locals walk down to Jackson Square when it rains? Come find out on this history packed tour of the French Quarter. You'll also be exploring the dark side of New Orleans history, visiting multiple locations of unsolved murders and suicides. Hear stories of real documented reports of vampires and ghosts roaming around the streets of the French Quarter. This tour group also visits a property owned by Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen. Learn about the practice of voodoo, past and present, in New Orleans.'

New Orleans has a very rich history, countless unsolved mysteries, and some strong paranormal activity. That is probably why it is referred to as one of the most haunted cities in the United States.
Bring along the entire family to New Orleans to experience this amazing cultural hub for your Louisiana getaway.

Get ready and by all means do not forget your camera.

A real EMF meter - ghost/paranormal detector will be used during this tour.

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