New Orleans Legends, Folklore, Myths, Superstitions And Spells Tour

Learn about New Orleans history through its myths, folklore, and superstitions during a 2-hour walking tour through the French Quarter. Visit the home of Marie Laveau, New Orleans' queen of Voodoo, and discover traditional burial practices at the cemetery from your guide, who shares legendary stories and spooky tales.

This walking tour of New Orleans is for all ages. Hear stories of Cajun superstitions and spells while your guide shares'tall tales and regales you with centuries-old'stories of Louisiana folklore and superstition pertaining to the'city's Voodoo, ghosts, and vampires. A real EMF Meter - Ghost/Paranormal Detector will be used during this tour.

Visit the home of Prince Zulimon and find out why his spirit'still roams the the property at night. Stroll past'the home of the Ghost Julie, known to be the most predictable apparition'in New Orleans. See the'house'given to the Voodoo Queen,'Marie Laveau, who was known to'use Voodoo to get a man cleared of murder. Learn'about the legendary Rougarou, a creature that is said to live in the Laurentian French communities and bayous.

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