Depart New Orleans during a 4-hour ride across the Mississippi River and a fascinating boat tour into Louisiana's vast swamps and bayous. Learn about this intriguing ecosystem ' home to snakes, alligators, and numerous bird species ' as you comfortably cruise along its waters. Later, chow down on a traditional Louisiana po' boy for lunch.

Your half-day tour begins at the Steamboat Natchez dock in New Orleans' French Quarter. Here, board a comfortable coach bus for a journey across the vast Mississippi.

On reaching the launch point, you'll transfer to a cruising boat for your po' boy lunch (which also includes fries and bottled water) in tow. As your boat glides slowly along, guides fill you in on the mysteries of the area as well as the meaning of Cajun 'joie de vivre,' a phrase that captures the ways in which local'residents enjoy life.

Discover how the seafood gathered from these waters provides a wide assortment of cuisine and observe the nesting grounds of alligators, egrets, raccoons, nutria, and many snakes species. During warmer months, its easy to spot local wildlife so have your binoculars and camera ready.

You'll also learn about the disappearance of area wetlands due to erosion and efforts that are being made to restore this vital habitat. When your swamp adventure is through, enjoy a leisurely coach ride back to New Orleans, where your 4-hour tour concludes at the Steamboat Natchez dock.

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