Hear about the fiery romances and mysteries of New Orleans on this guided, 1-hour walking tour. Discover'stories of passion and timeless devotion while strolling through the streets and alleyways of the French Quarter. See magnificent mansions, learn about the Creole heritage, and appreciate the unique blend of European and Caribbean culture. Step back in time as your guide shares stories of love, betrayal, and triumph. All entry fees are included.

This is the Original Love Stories Walking Tour, offering the passions, duels, and timeless devotions that created the dynasties and built the magnificent mansions of New Orleans. Here, in this most romantic of the deep south cities, experience the blend of European and Caribbean culture as the tour travels down the streets and alleyways with French and Spanish names ' including guests in the fiery romances and mysteries of Creole heritage.

Enhance any stay in this beautiful city along the legendary Mississippi River by taking an unforgettable tour designed for lovers and everyone who wants to experience the dramatic history of love in the French Quarter.

Walk in the city with moonlight that evokes memories of antebellum weddings and Octoroon Balls, horse-drawn carriage rides, and candlelit balconies. Experience a culture dedicated to the love and betrayal, the building and destroying of family dynasties, and the beautiful women that bewitched the hearts of gentlemen North and South.

Join'a local operator and visit locations where love stories took place.

Guests will visit the location and hear the story of the beauty that may have saved Charleston from Sherman's flames during the Civil War; the love that created the now-famous cornstalk fence of Royal Street; the honor in the shadows of the St. Louis Cathedral; and the ballroom in which Octoroon dynasties were negotiated. Hear the most tragic love story that took place in all of New Orleans and more.

An'experienced guide will describe the'rich fabric of love, betrayal, and triumph that existed behind the laced windows of the historic French Quarter, where it all took place.

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