Peek at New Orleans' scary side with this 1-hour 'horror tour' in the French Quarter. See haunted locations and hear stories of historic ghosts, vampires, Voodoo, and'unsolved mysteries.

Meet your guide in the French Quarter to begin your tour. Brace yourself for'tales of age-old hauntings, Voodoo mysteries. and vampire horror that will have you jumping at every unfamiliar sound and huddling closer to the friends who have joined you on this frightful journey!

Voodoo is not what you think'- you may change your opinion of the age-old religion, so predominant in the city of New Orleans.

Deeper into the darkness of the lower Quarter, you will journey to the infamous LaLaurie Mansion. Your final stop, should you make it that far, is none other than the home of the vampire who has been sighted drinking with locals to this day.

With spine-tingling, gut-twisting tales of murder, intrigue, and ghostly hauntings based on recorded crimes, history and lore in the city of New Orleans, this 1-hour walking tour will have you looking over your shoulder with every step through the French Quarter.

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