Get ready to explore the only swamp tour that operates on Private Property. You will cover more ground than anyone in New Orleans spanning over 28 square miles of terrain. The possibilities on these boats are endless. This is the best way to experience Southern Louisiana's wetlands just like the locals do. This is a family owned and operated company so their focus is on the great time of their guests and not just a revolving door.

Once you leave our docks we showcase the local life on the water, travel through the local fishing village that was "once the seafood capitol of the world" on the way to the swamp .' You get to see first hand the fisherman and their catch, the boats used to harvest our south Louisianan seafood, and the docks that purchase their bounties along with every local waving as we pass by.' Then we take you into our swamps and wetlands. There during the warmer months you can expect to definitely see alligators that we have trained.' We also see racoon, otters, and fish jumping out of the water like the Popeye mullet.' We have crab traps to show you how we harvest Louisiana blue claw crab, crayfish traps, and fish lines that we might have a 35-60lb catfish on. No mater what, you're going to experience the local terrain like the coonasses do. We are very authentic - no acting - and our tour guides can only work for us if they or their family can be traced to the area for at least 60 years.

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