Experience the haunted side of New Orleans with this 2-hour Halloween tour of the Spirits of the French Quarter. Walk through the most haunted city in the United States to learn about unsolved murders, suicides, and paranormal activity. Visit haunted buildings. It's common for guests on this tour to experience'cold spots and see apparitions, and some have actually caught orbs and apparitions in pictures. Dress up in costume if you wish, to'get even more into the Halloween spirit.

Meet your guide in the heart of the French Quarter to begin this unforgettable tour, only offered'during the Halloween season.

Stroll'through the streets under the moonlight while marveling at the mysterious beauty the French Quarter has to offer. Guests will see the gorgeous architecture that makes New Orleans so unique while hearing stories of New Orleans history, hauntings, mystery, Voodoo, vampires, and ghosts!'A real EMF Meter - Ghost/Paranormal Detector will be used during this tour.

Visit The Cabildo, Presbytere, St. Louis Cathedral, The Sultans Palace, a home owned by Marie Laveau (the famous Voodoo Queen), the Ursuline Convent, and the LaLaurie Mansion (known to be the most haunted house In the city of New Orleans) - just to name a few of the stops on the tour.'Visit haunted private residences, haunted apartments, haunted mansions, haunted museums, haunted streets/alleys, haunted churches, haunted cemeteries, haunted bathrooms, haunted balconies and galleries, and even a haunted morgue.

Visit the home of the most predictable ghost, Julie. This story is one of the most tragic love stories in New Orleans. Hear the story of the Carter Brothers, who were tried, convicted, and put to death - however they are still seen by some today. Visit the location of the largest mass murder in New Orleans history. To this day the crime is unsolved, however the ghosts remain.

Learn'about New Orleans' traditional burial practices, see multiple locations where real vampires held their victims captive, and hear beautiful love stories that end in tragedy.

This tour stops at'multiple locations where paranormal activity is common on a regular basis. Guests will hear stories and get to take part in an investigation that could lead to a number of sightings. Some guests do not see anything through the course of the tour and then at the end when they check the photos that were taken during the course of the exploration they are blown away at the evidence in the photos. Orbs and apparitions are commonly caught in photos taken at the locations that guests will visit during this tour.

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