Spooky Tales Of The French Quarter Halloween Celebration Tour

Get into the celebratory Halloween spirit with this 2-hour French Quarter tour. Get into costume and follow your guide through'one of the most haunted neighborhoods in the country. Visit more than 15 stops along the tour. 'A real paranormal / ghost detector will be used during the tour.

Don your festive best and meet your guide in the heart of the French Quarter to enjoy this lively neighborhood on one of the most eventful nights of the year - Halloween.

Hear true stories of paranormal activity.'Visit more than 15 different locations, including haunted mansions, apartments, bathrooms, churches, balconies, galleries, museums, convents, homes, streets, and even a haunted morgue. A real paranormal / ghost detector will be used toto validate any paranormal activity during this tour.'Some guests have reported feeling cold spots. Guests have also reported capturing orbs and apparitions in photos that were taken during the course of the tours.

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